Illinois Youth Soccer-Esports
Illinois Youth Soccer-Esports

Illinois Youth Soccer-Esports

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Founded: April 2020


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Illinois Youth Soccer Association is a non-profit organization emphasizing education, whose purpose is to promote and conduct skill-based youth development programs in a safe environment that empower children, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, size, ability level, or economic status, to learn skills, lead a healthy lifestyle, value education, improve their social interaction and to focus their energy into a positive outcome. The Association also provides job training by offering and conducting nationally recognized coaching and referee courses; fun, age-specific, skill learning activities; and the Olympic Development Program that provides children with the opportunity to reach their potential.

  • Player Development: Emphasis is on the development of players at all levels: Recreational, Competitive, Olympic Development
  • Good Sportsmanship: Create good sportsmanship through a positive learning environment
  • Positive Coaching: Encourage kids to have fun while learning skills
  • Everyone Plays: Our goal is for all kids to play soccer
  • Open Registration: Our programs are open to all children
  • Opportunities: Allow kids to play to their potential

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