AYCE - Esports College Prep Conference
AYCE - Esports College Prep Conference

AYCE - Esports College Prep Conference

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Founded: October 2021





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  • State Indiana
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Youth Varsity Program/College Esports Development Program; at-a-glance

  • Setup like a traditional varsity program with each player being assigned to an official roster of a team

  • Each team will be assigned a nearby esports coach from a regional university with a varsity esports program.  Coaches will be college students desiring to develop valuable job experience.

  • Initially, all play and coaching will still be conducted remotely - however, in-person play is expected in the future.

  • Participants will be exposed to potential college scholarship opportunities and mentorship from students currently undertaking the collegiate experience.

  • Each player will receive a professionally designed, state-logoed, custom-made jersey with their name and number.

  • Participants can expect a robust, professionally coached experience that will prepare them for college esport participation.

  • Each state's select team will consist of players ages 13-17.  Additional youth opportunities to follow at a later date. 

The AYCE Conference program will have a competitive play format that will give players the opportunity to learn critical thinking life skills and important life lessons similar to those obtained during traditional athletics. Each player will have a coach trained to purposefully teach these valuable lessons from a specially developed curriculum.

The AYCE Conference is unique because it secures colleges and universities from your home state to supply trained coaches/gamer guides. These coaches will be SafeSport Certified, which includes a federal background check to help ensure a safe, digital environment! 

The game titles offered for this initial program are Rocket League and Splitgate. Like any athletic endeavor, there is a time commitment involved to participate in this college development program.  The player will commit to weekly practices as well as official matches. We will be kicking off tryouts in November, preseason activity in December, with the season start date in January. 



Please fill out the participation survey by NOVEMBER 5th.  Unless you opt-out of the program, we will prepare marketing and promotions that will begin in your state in early November.  AYCE will be designing special esports themed jerseys along with custom team names (i.e. The Carolina Hornets, Indiana Honey Bees, etc).  We welcome and encourage your participation in coming up with these official names, but are happy to do so independently as well if desired.  Please consider engaging your membership to secure your state team name.

As for the Esports Gamer Club, do not worry, that is still an option for children who just want to play socially and casually. We will be preparing material for the Winter Season sometime in November for it to launch in December. 


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