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Winter Combine 2019

Winter Combine 2019

Online & Venue Combine

Combine End
Dec 15, 2019

Combine Start
Dec 06, 2019



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Game Titles
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • Hearthstone
  • Dota2
  • Smite
  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

For Venue Owners

Thank you for your interest in participating in our Combine. Combines are unique events which, unlike tournaments, allow players to compete in solo queues or with however many friends they want. The GYO platform analyzes their gameplay and awards them based on their individual accomplishments, not on whether their team wins or loses.

We then take that player's data and we create a scouting report for the player. This scouting report is then distributed to scouts, university recruiters, and others interested in forming esports teams.

In essence, this event turns your facility into a Recruiting Hub for esports. By playing in your center, you are increasing the player's opportunity to be discovered and pursue their esports dream.

Please review the FAQs below to learn more about our unique program and how you can activate your facility to be Combine ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

GYO works directly with game publishers and LAN center operating system software to access game data from players anonymously. Once players opt-in to our service, we can then associate their gameplay in your facility with the game data we have, and we can analyze their gameplay.

For Combines, we analyze their gameplay statistics to create comprehensive scouting reports and profiles for the players. We share this with the players and recruiters, to help the player get discovered.

As a center, we strive to keep things extremely simple so as not to interrupt your normal operations. As long as they login to an account we have opt-in for (ggLeap/Blizzard/Steam/etc), we can track their gameplay data automatically. As a center owner, there is no special setup required to participate in the Combine so long as you use supported LAN center software.

If you don't, there is a manual process for players to report results from their center, which is explained in further FAQs. However, we keep it simple for you so you can focus on promoting to your clients and not on setting up machines.

There is a Free Participation level and there is a Premium Participation level. Pricing may vary for each event.

Details about your combine's pricing can be found here.

We believe that LAN centers, gaming venues, and esports arenas are important to the stability of the esports ecosystem. Have you ever heard of a baseball player getting discovered because they hit a tee-ball in their back yard? No. They went to where the scouts were, and they put their talents on display.

We want to drive players to LAN centers and gaming venues because it shows initiative, drive, and it allows us to analyze players with similar characteristics regarding the technology they play on.

Some combines we do allow for home play due to lack of availability of LAN centers, however it is our goal to feature all gaming centers prominently to help drive business through their doors and to improve the recruiting landscape of esports.

It's your center, so only you know best what to charge your customers. We do have some basic recommendations based on our expectations for player usage patterns. As the Combine works on data, players will be encouraged to play multiple games, possibly over the course of multiple days, and deals and packages should be created with that in mind.

This is the first Combine, but we intend to hold them several times a year. Therefore, for this first one we recommend you charge your normal rates during the event. If supply and demand merit price increases, then adjust accordingly. We encourage you to consider bulk pricing for combine participants during off-peak hours, and possibly multi-day passes to encourage return visits during the combine. Participants will be encouraged to play several games in order to accumulate more play data, therefore they will require several hours of bulk gameplay to accomplish their goals.

We are encouraging players to invite friends or find LFG groups to participate as well, so consider a bulk/team package for your center as that may be appealing to groups that wish to chip in together.

If you offer any Combine-specific deals, let us know and we will post them on your listing page and help you promote them.

This is encouraged, but not required. By default, all play data is analyzed so whether you have one person at a terminal or 50. By offering leagues and tournaments, you may encourage additional participation and competitiveness among players, which is great!

If you do offer a league, tournament, or special Combine related event, please let us know and we will help you promote them.

Centers running supported GYO-operating system software can participate for no charge. Premium Activation for each Combine costs $49 and includes a number of features including marketing and promotion for your center.

Combines who activate for Premium have seen a 200% increase in total foot traffic over non-Premium centers.

Find more about pricing here.

All of our gameplay data comes straight from the public servers of the game publishers, not your centers. Data we receive from your centers is wholly anonymized until we receive explicit player opt-in, at which point we then are able to connect the player with their gameplay data retrieved from public servers.

If you use a GYO-support LAN center management software, we receive the following:

Data We Receive From Your Center

  • Anonymized Gameplay Session Data (No personal information included)
  • Timestamps of Gameplay Sessions

We do not receive any personalized data about your players at any time. All anonymized gameplay sessions we receive are temporarily stored for processing and then deleted.

We greatly respect the privacy of your players and your centers, and will never receive personal data without explicit opt-ins.

If you still wish to opt-out of anonymized data collection, you may contact us here.

You can promote to all players, parents, and sponsors that college scholarships and professional esports opportunities can be earned by playing within your facility.

All of the data in your facility will be monitored anonymously and when talented players are detected, they will be alerted automatically by the system.

For parents, we engage them in the process as well. Players under the age of 18 will receive notifications of a message being available in their system, but messages will be sent to parents as well to keep them informed.

We do not store or analyze any personal data from your players or your facility at any time without explicit opt-in from the user. All data received prior to explicit opt-in is anonymized and may be deleted after processing.

Yes, Combine results will include local and regional leaderboards so you can promote the players in your area.

No. While ggLeap does provide automated data processing, we do have a manual reporting process for centers without ggLeap. Please contact us to find out more.

Questions / Comments / HELP!

Still need help getting your combine started? Our team is ready to assist. Please fill out the following form and we will contact you within 2 business days.

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Shenanigans Gaming
San Antonio, Texas

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