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Winter Combine 2019

Winter Combine 2019

Online & Venue Combine

Combine End
Dec 15, 2019

Combine Start
Dec 06, 2019



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  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • Hearthstone
  • Dota2
  • Smite
  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Manual & Console Game Data Processing

GYO has implemented automatic data collection for many titles, but we don't have data collection for all. Sometimes this is because we don't have it yet, sometimes the game publisher doesn't make it available.

However, the Combine is a unique opportunity that many want to participate in, and we want to support their titles. Therefore, we have implemented a manual process to try to support more games for players.

In the future, we will have desktop applications to automate this process for us as well. Stay tuned!

For now, here's how it works.

Step 1: Find a Dedicated Gaming Center

Note: If your event supports home play and you intend to play from home, skip to Step 2.

Our gaming centers are important to this process as they provide identity verification and gameplay verification for players. Save your receipts and proof of purchase from your attendance in these centers, and submit them to us following the event.

Step 2: Tell Us You're Going Manual

Let us know you are going to provide us manual data by updating your Combine profile. If you play multiple titles, make sure you add them to your account. If you play our automated titles, you do not need to do manual processing.

Manual processing is for Console and/or Partial Support titles only.

All Combines

Step 3: Prep Your Stream

Here's the manual part. We need to see the games you play. The easiest way to do this is to setup a YouTube/Twitch/Mixer account and stream your Combine, then submit links to the recorded videos to us.

When you do, make sure you setup and configure your account to record your stream permanently, not just stream. After the event, you will need to send us links to these matches.

Setup Auto Recording for: Twitch | Mixer | YouTube

While we do not require you to use a webcam if you don't have one, we do recommend you record your audio for your team communication. This is often a factor scouts like to evaluate.

Note: All venues will have different policies on streaming from their systems, and some may have dedicated machines that allow for streaming. Always check with your venue on their preferred setups.

Manual Titles

Step 4 (Venues): Verify Your Attendance

Prove you were there. This is where the venues come in, as your venue operator will need to provide you a receipt for the play time you purchased, and verify your attendance.

By default, some centers may not provide receipts because many customers don't request them. Make sure you do! And, importantly, make sure there's a timestamp on the receipt. This verifies your presence in the center during the Combine, and allows us to authenticate your play.

Step 4 (Home Play): Click START

For automated titles, we need to know which games you want us to include in your Combine. For manual titles, we need timestamps to match against your videos, to make sure you're reporting the correct content.

For both of these cases, you begin by going to your Combine Status page and clicking the START SESSION button to begin your Combine session. When you're done, return to this page and click END SESSION. This will help us identify which matches you want us to analyze.

Step 5: Say Hi to Gaby

Hi, Gaby!

Gaby is one of our dedicated team members who we are hiring to help manually process these manual matches. She will be receiving, reviewing, and inputting your scores... manually. This process will be a grind, but we're happy to make it work.

The exact submission process will be outlined soon, so come back later and we'll let you know what to do.

Step 6: Await the Processing

Once all your scores are manually tabulated, your results will be displayed on your Combine page and sent to our partner scouts, universities, and organizations.

And with a little luck and of course a lot of your skill, they'll reach out directly to you for next steps.

Thank you for your excitement and your passion around our Combine. We've been overwhelmed by the support and we've heard you loud and clear - you love this concept! We intend to do our Combines quarterly, so this process will continue to improve with each event.

Questions? Comments? Contact Us Here

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Shenanigans Gaming

Shenanigans Gaming
San Antonio, Texas

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