Summer Combine 2019

Summer Combine 2019

Jul 05, 2019 - Jul 14, 2019

ggLeap Connection Issues

We are aware many players are having issues connecting their ggLeap profiles to their GYO Combine accounts. We will be able to fix this link later, so don't worry - you can start playing!

Please provide us your ggLeap Username and venue here, and we will repair the link. You can click the link in your checklist above later if you wish to do so as well.

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About the Combine

It's Time to Call Your Shot

Calling all players who are pursuing esports dreams and looking for a chance to be discovered. At the Esports Skills Combine, all participants start from zero, and get their chance to shine.

ggChampions Summer Combine

Esports is booming. Pro contracts, college scholarships, dedicated income... it is all possible today. Now is the time to stand out from the pack and earn your spot among the future stars of esports.

The Esports Skills Combine will take your gameplay and put it under the microscope for hundreds of esports organizations and esports scholarships programs around the world. Whether you're already a pro or looking to climb the ladder, you can begin your journey and get on the radar for future esports program consideration simply by participating in the Combine.

After our Combine in March, over $50,000 in scholarship and team offers were awarded to participants. You want a piece of that action?

Prove it.

Sign up today and head to one of nearly 350 GYO-powered facilities worldwide and prepare to compete for a spot amongst the stars.

Automated Titles

The following titles are supported in this combine and will receive automated data processing. Title availability may vary by venue.

  • GYO Score -
  • GYO Score -
  • GYO Score -
  • GYO Score -
  • GYO Score -

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