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Road to MomoCon

The Road to MomoCon is a 10-day social combine where players seeking new teammates and gaming partners can showcase their talents online so that the GYO team-building algorithms can recommend matches they can meet with and play with at MomoCon!

MomoCon, an Atlanta gaming convention, features over 200 Free Play PCs and hundreds of gaming tournaments and events across dozens of game titles. As a fan convention, MomoCon is a great place for teammates to meet in-person and begin planning their ascent up the esports ranks.

The World's First GYO Esports Teams

GYO is officially forming its first official esports squad for Apex Legends! Three players who participate in the combine and in tournament events at MomoCon will be drafted to form the official GYO Apex Legends squad, in preparation for them to compete in further events throughout the year. Selected players will receive a signing bonus, team jerseys, and a player contract to represent GYO in future events. Players are encouraged to participate in the Combine in advance of the MomoCon events to provide GYO team with additional tape to analyze.

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May 23rd - 26th, 2019
Atlanta, GA

Meet at MomoCon

MomoCon is one of Atlanta's largest gaming conventions, held May 23rd - 26th. With hundreds of panels, tournaments, and featured exhibitors, MomoCon is a great place for a gamer to begin their esports journey and meet new friends.

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Find and Form Your Own Teams

If you've been itching to compete but have had trouble finding teammates, this is your chance! Participate in our LFG Combine and we will match you with several players who match your characteristics as far as skill and gaming preferences, then form new squads to enter into MomoCon's tournaments and future events.

Automated Titles

The following titles are supported in this combine and will receive automated data processing. Title availability may vary by venue.

  • GYO Score -
  • GYO Score -
  • GYO Score -
  • GYO Score -

Manual Titles

The following titles do not yet have automated data and require manual processing. These are available for Premium combine participants only. Title availability may vary by venue.

  • GYO Score -
  • GYO Score -
  • GYO Score -

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