June 21 - 30

NACE Collegiate Esports Camp and Combine

NACE Collegiate Esports Camp and Combine

Jun 24, 2019 - Jun 30, 2019

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NACE Summer Camps and Combines

Have you ever wanted to earn college scholarships and pursue the pros in esports? Join us during the NACE Combine as we help you learn what it means to be a pro in our summer camp and combine program.

Players will receive direct instruction and coaching from esports faculty instructors at one of several colleges nationwide, and all play data for the event will be stored and processed for future scholarship and team recruitment consideration.

Discover Yourself. Get Discovered.

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Automated Titles

The following titles are supported in this combine and will receive automated data processing. Title availability may vary by venue.

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Manual Titles

The following titles do not yet have automated data and require manual processing. These are available for Premium combine participants only. Title availability may vary by venue.

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Pricing and Registration

Includes Summer Camp session, 1 Year GYO Premium Scholarship Recruitment Profile, and Post-Event Scouting Report

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Featured Camp Sites

Cincinnati Christian University
Coker College
ECPI University
Kansas Wesleyan University
Mount St. Joseph University
Park University
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