The Esports Combine - LIVE and Virtual Convention
The Esports Combine - LIVE and Virtual Convention

The Esports Combine - LIVE and Virtual Convention

Convention & Combine

March 6-8

Online Qualifiers
Feb 28-Mar 5

Player Cost
Game Titles
  • League of Legends
  • Rocket League
  • Smite
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Apex Legends
  • Valorant
  • + more

Combine Rules

The Combine is not a sweepstakes or a contest. It is a showcase of player talent and skill, and therefore a strict set of rules must be adhered to in order to ensure a fair level of play for all participants.

All play results are independently verified to the best of our ability, and any evidence of cheating or hacking will result in a permanent ban from future events.

If you have any questions about participating in the event, please Contact Us

The Combine is designed to be an event that analyzes your skills and metrics based on your preferred methods of play. If you play solo queue, play solo queue. If you have a friend you play with, play with them. We do not force you to find full teams or play roles you are unfamiliar with in this event.

The end goal is to analyze your skill potential, and for that we want you to be comfortable in playing the game the way you know best how to play it. From there, we can analyze your current performance levels, give you suggestions for improvements, and begin tracking your improvement over time.

We also will match you with other players we deem compatible, so you may begin to form full squads.

The Combine Golden Rule: Whatever your game, whatever your role, whatever your champion/god/character.... know your job within the game, and do it well enough to give your team the best chance to succeed, even if your teammates are not doing the same.

Tips, Tricks, and FAQs

The goal of the Combine is to collect statistics, data, and measurements that are often not focused on in-game. Therefore, it is important that players understand what we are looking for and what we are measuring.

In short, we look for player potential in a couple key categories: Raw ability, teamwork, and meta understanding.

We won't tell you exactly what we're looking at, because we know players will game the system. But we can give you some basic advice to help you succeed.

  • Relax. This is the important one. If you try to change your game up or press too hard or feel like you need to force a win, you're more likely to create negative data than positive data. With that said...
  • Play to your strengths. This is not the opportunity to play new characters or new positions you are uncomfortable with. Play your best game and best characters that you possibly can. If another player or teammate selects your favorite character or role, then go ahead to your fall-back position and role, but where possible, play the spot you best want to be recognized for.
  • Wins and losses really don't matter. That seems weird, but we're looking for context more than we are victories. You can go 0--10 in the Combine and still have a strong score. ELO Hell and poor play from teammates will not hurt you here, so long as you are playing the game the right way.
  • Kills also are overrated. Don't go crazy thinking you need to get a bunch of kills. If you play a character that SHOULD get a bunch of kills, then do that.... but don't pressure yourself. If you're a support player, then support your team appropriately and a poor K/D will not hurt you.
  • Don't tilt. We can tell when players go toxic. We're more impressed often by players who go on a long losing streak, but their play level stays high or consistent. It's easy for players to give up, quit, or play in stupid ways because they are frustrated. Show mental toughness and don't let losing tilt your gameplay.

In a nutshell, here's the golden rule question: Did you play your role appropriately to give your team the best chance to win? If you did, then we'll be able to analyze that and showcase that even though your team lost.

No. The extended period of time is intended to allow the most possible participants to play without needing to disrupt their normal lives and schedules. You can play one day, or you can play all 10, and the only difference is the amount of data we'll have collected for you.

More data is better, yes, but only participating in a limited fashion will not prohibit your ability to participate or be scouted.

Do not compromise your job, health, or happiness to participate. Make sure you are comfortable and can play under your own parameters!

ggLeap is an automated software that runs many of the LAN centers in our network. This software specifically integrates with GYO so that we can do automated data tracking and analysis.

When you go to your center, they will instruct you on the details of how to connect to the ggLeap account and how you then link your account to GYO. If the center does not have ggLeap, you will need to revert to manual tracking.

ggLeap Instructions

The more data we have, the better. But with that said, don't kill yourself to play 24-hour marathons.

At a minimum, we recommend all players complete at least 5 games that they feel good about. That doesn't mean you won or lost those games, it means you played a role that you enjoy playing, you played it capably, and you did your job.

If you can do more, then please do! The more data we have, the better we can analyze you.

No. In general, solo queue players are not treated any differently than players in teams, so do not feel forced to play with others if you are uncomfortable doing so.

If you have a friend group that you like playing with, then we do recommend you play with them, even if they themselves do not participate in the Combine. Why? Because you likely are comfortable and know each others roles, and you can instruct friends not to play the characters you want to highlight. In solo queue, someone else might pick your character or role, but if you know your team members, that's less likely to happen.

So invite your friends along, or join with new team mates at your local center who are also playing.

We do not own or set pricing for any venues (see next question). Therefore, we cannot comment on any specific pricing and recommend you call your local venue to find out their rates.

We have recommended that each venue setup bulk pricing to enable you to play for multiple sessions and when the venues share pricing with us, we do our best to display it on the site.

No, we are a software company and our software looks at player game data and thanks to our partnership with ggLeap, our software runs automatically within these venues.

The venues are all owned and operated independently, and each one will set its own rules, pricing, and policies for participation. We highly recommend you call your local center prior to attending to make sure you understand their policies.

We are not responsible for any policies set by the venues, or if the venues decide not to participate.

All gamers 18+ are welcome to participate. For gamers between the ages of 13-17, you are also able to participate but we do require parental consent prior to you being able to be contacted by college recruiters and/or pro scouts. Under 13 are not allowed to participate, sorry!

For those of you in the 13-17 range, this is a great opportunity to earn collegiate scholarship. If you need help convincing mom and dad, share this link with them.

Some games do not yet have automated processing features, and all console titles are not yet ready for automated processing.

If you wish to participate in the Combine on console or with these titles, we will manually record your statistics for you. However, we need you to send us recordings and/or pictures of your games.

Find out how the process works here: Manual Process

Find out what we need from specific titles: Manual Game Titles Screens

Questions? Comments? Contact Us

For this Combine, home play has been activated which allows you to participate from any location of your choosing, on the equipment of your choosing. This may be at home if you feel your gaming equipment is sufficient, or it may be a local LAN gaming center.

We highly recommend you prioritize a location where your equipment is sufficient to run the game on at least normal performance settings with a strong internet connection. If your home location is prone to lag or other connectivity issues, we recommend seeking a local LAN center.

How it Works

When playing from home, you must declare your START TIME and your END TIME for your participation. Prior to beginning your Combine, visit your Combine Status page and declare your combine as having started. From that moment on, all games produced are submitted to the Combine for analysis.

During this time period, you should play to win with roles and champions you believe to be your best. Don't try new characters or techniques during this time period.

Once you have completed your play session, return to your Combine profile and END your Combine time. This will allow you to return to playing in your normal manner without games counting towards the Combine.

Venue play is not activated for this Combine.

You must play from your home systems for this Combine.

For All Games

All games must be played on a public server using standard, default settings for the game type you wish to highlight your skills in. If there is a ranked mode in the game, we highly recommend you play in that game mode. While we can analyze results from non-ranked modes, our experience with scouts and recruiters shows us that they are primarily interested in ranked gameplay.

Support and LFG

Combine Location

Indiana Fairgrounds

We are excited to welcome our players back for in-person play and recruiting opportunity! Visit us March 6-8 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds!

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