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The primary purpose of Combines is to be a try-out for future esports tournaments, events, scholarships, and recruiting opportunities. Combines are ideal for players who believe they have strong skills, but are unsure how to get started towards a path as an esports competitor.

All participants of these Combines have their data sent to scouts for analysis and consideration for future play considerations. In our initial combine, over 100 scholarship and team offers were sent to players, and we anticipate the number of scouts and recruiters to continue to grow on our platform.

The Combine is not a sweepstakes or a contest. It is a showcase of your individual skills and talent as a competitor and a player.

Combine Prizes

There are no guaranteed prizes included as part of this Combine.

24+ colleges and universities have signed up for accounts to review combine participants and are offering scholarships for 2019 and 2020 consideration.

Premium Participation

Paying the Combine Event fee receives all perks of free participation, plus the following benefits and upgrades:

  • Professional Analysis of Performance
  • Personalized Scouting Report of Performance Results
  • Scouting Report Directly Distributed to Scouts / Recruiters
  • Permanent Combine History Storage
  • Scouts / Recruiters Can Access Your Performance
  • Automated Team Builder Tool Matches You with Compatible Players
  • Manual Combine Analysis of Non-automated Games

Available for the following titles in this combine:

Free Participation

Free participants receive the following:

  • Automated Scouting Performance Summary (Select Titles Only)
  • Combine History Storage Up to 1 Year
  • Scouts / Recruiters Can Access Your Performance
  • Manual LFG and Team Builder Tools

Does not include:

  • Professional Combine Analysis and Custom Report
  • Manual Game Data Processing

Available for the following titles in this combine:

Support and LFG

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