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Global Digital Sports is our league and community esport program development partner. Together with GYO, they are able to create youth-oriented programs that do more than just facilitate games - they help develop young players.

Esports Programs for Player Development

Instilling the Values of Traditional Sports into the World of Esport

Video gaming is a permanent part of our culture and is an important part of the lives of our players of all ages. With over 75% of houses with at least one gamer, it is impossible to deny the allure and appeal of video games. For some parents, that is a concern. What if we could help convert some of those gameplay hours into fun, competitive, safe play?

Our members are dedicated to just that mission. Through the lessons learned in traditional grass-sport play, we can build competitive esport leagues that are safe and help teach our players the values traditionally associated with competitive sports.

How We Are Unique

  • Player age verification and certification process
  • Parental involvement and engagement
  • Competitions for players as young as 7
  • Safe Harbor Compliance for youth player registration
  • Unique programs for boys and girls to maximize engagement from all

Our Kids Learn

  • Sportsmanship
    Winning and Losing with Grace
  • Competitive Spirit
    Never quit, even when you're down
  • Responsibility
    Time Management and Communication
  • Grace
    Reject Toxicity. Embrace Friend and Foe Alike.

Online gaming has earned a bad reputation as players sometimes engage in outwardly hostile, toxic, and inappropriate behavior. These are learned behaviors and they start at a young age. Our goal is to teach players not only how to be great gamers, but how to be great people as well.

Do you share our vision? Join us.

The Foundation of AYCE is the membership from our State Youth Soccer associations around the United States. Already trusted and admired for their dedication to player safety, we can build upon their league model to create safe esports competitions worldwide.

The Benefits of Membership

Become a Member to Share in the Benefits of Aggregated Organizational Power

The power of a Co-operative lies in the ability for several independent organizations to pull together resources, audiences, and capabilities in order to help benefit the common goals of the members. A rising tide lifts all boats, and a co-operative helps to facilitate growth and benefits for all.

AYCE exists solely for the mutual benefit of its membership and its memberships' youth athletes and works towards establishing collective, assured markets as well, scalable revenue streams and discounted purchasing opportunities to support the missions of its membership. Membership costs just $100 and immediately grants you access to numerous benefits.

Our Vendor and Sponsor Partner Organizations

Helping to enable our programs for youth development and competitive esport.

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