Wyoming eCup Finals tonight at 6:30pm MDT

Wyoming Soccer Association

Good Afternoon, 

Tonight the eCup finals will take place at 6:30pm MDT. The bracket for PS4 and Xbox One are live! 

The entire bracket will be completed tonight and we will have a PS4 and Xbox One champion. 

If your matchup is not present for your first round by 6:45pm MDT, then we will advance you to the next round. 

Quick reminder of the game settings played via the Online Friendlies game mode. 

Half Length: 6 minutes

Controls: Any

Game Speed: Normal

Squad Type: 85 overall 

You may choose any team 

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can message me on GYO or via console. 

Xbox: noahhanki22

PS4: noah_hanki22



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