What's Next for GYO and the Combine Players

Shawn Smith

From March 1 - 10, we decided to do something a little crazy.  In the spirit of helping players pursue their dreams of esports stardom, we tried to activate over 350 gaming centers around the world with the support of our partners like ggLeap, E-Blue, and Infosys.  We didn't know how this massive esports star search would go. To be frank, a lot of it was a test of our systems and player interest.

Well, we learned quite a bit and we were absolutely humbled by the response.  Over 1,400 of you signed up to participate and several hundred of you played thousands of hours of games and the data we collected has been enormous. Thank you to all who participated, gave us feedback, and are going through your combine result now.

Now... we get to work.

Our GYO Infographic shows our progress in the first 55 days of GYO, including results from our Combine. Click to view full infographic.

The Next Steps for GYO and Our Players

By now, the vast majority of our players have received our scouting reports and have had their data processed from the Combine.  If you have not received yours yet, contact us here and we'll help you find it. For everyone else, the most common question we've receive has been a very understandable, "What happens now?"  The intent of this post is to answer that question and give you some insight into the inner workings of GYO and how we, as a company, intend to help you pursue your dreams.

Spoiler alert: You just helped kick off a revolution in esports, and we hope you'll join us as we aim to change the way players are discovered and help you earn the respect you justly deserve.

Step 1:  You're Officially in the Database of Recruitable Talent (DONE!)

Players have established a baseline between competitive and normal performance. That's an important first step.
If you participated in the Combine, you have officially been added to our database of players who are ready to pursue esports opportunities.  This means that when players, coaches, and scouts view your play history on the site, they'll be able to pull up your Combine metrics and see that you specifically participated in this event (and hopefully future events as well).  

What's Next?
How You Can Help

Step 2: We Send You to Esports Scouts to Analyze for Scholarship Opportunities and Pro Esports Opportunities (This Week!)

Now that we have your reports from the Combine, we have compiled them into an easily digestible format that we're going to send to scouts to analyze.  Those reports officially hit email inboxes this week, so we will begin engaging in conversations with those coaches to look deeper into what we saw at the Combine - and that means they'll be looking at you!

We are prioritizing players who are ready for 2019 Collegiate Scholarship opportunities, as we have several universities and coaches that are ready to send offers for this upcoming academic year.

What's Next?
How You Can Help
Universities and Colleges with Esports Scholarships
Universities, colleges, and esports orgs have reached out to get new recruits. We're going to give them you.

Step 3:  Our Next Events and The Golden Rule - When in Doubt, Keep Playing

The more games we have, the better we can judge your overall play style and skill level. Keep playing!

Over 1,400 players signed up for the Combine, but not all 1,400 will have esports offers tomorrow or even next week.  Coaches and scouts often watch players for several weeks and months before making contact, so remember the golden rule of GYO:  Keep Playing Like the Scouts are Watching. The more you play, the more data we have to support that you are practicing like the pros, the more likely you are to get noticed by the pros.  It's that simple.

To help you further get discovered, we are now working on a series of additional Combines, Tournaments, and Leagues to give you additional opportunities to shine while the spotlight is on.  These opportunities even include the production of a Combine where we will send the "winners" to a large scale convention to compete in a real tournament. It's too early to get into the details right now, but those are the types of things we're now working on behind the scenes to give you the best shot of going pro.  If you have other leagues or tournament opportunities near you, be sure to take advantage of them and if you have strong results, report them in your Accomplishments section on your profile.

What's Next?
How You Can Help

The State of the GYO Beta

Our platform launched less than three months ago, and we've already learned a lot thanks to you.  Many changes are coming based on your feedback and in response to the ways you participated in the Combine.  Once again, thank you!

Tomorrow we will begin a series of development journals and diaries that will give you unique insight into our platform development processes and the new features we're working on, so you have the inside scoop on what's next for GYO.  As we move to bring our Beta concepts into full-fledged features, you can help just by continuing to stay engaged and reporting bugs and feature requests to us as they come to mind.

GYO is the first step of a journey to revolutionize the way esports recruiting is done, and you have already been instrumental in shaping that vision.  Please continue to be vocal with your praises and your criticisms, and if you're interested in working in the esports space, we're currently looking for good people.  

Thank you all from the team here at GYO!

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