Welcome to Call of Duty - GYO Style

michael reese

Welcome to the GYO Call of Duty: Modern Warfare site!  We're just as excited to call in some tactical nukes as you are, but first thing is first - you need to find a team, and you need to be prepared to hit the ground running on day one.  That's why we're here.... to help you meet other players of similar skill, and get into Call of Duty feet first!

For new GYO members and Call of Duty players alike, here's a quick checklist to get you started with your Call of Duty GYO experience.

Are You a Leader?
If you already have a strong group of friends and/or a squad you play with regularly, we highly recommend that you create a Clan.  By creating a clan, you'll be able to invite all of your friends and schedule matches, sessions, or plan scrims against other clans.
Get Started Here

Are You Looking to Join Others?
If you want to skip the management side of things, make sure you put yourself out there as a Call of Duty Free Agent.  By listing yourself as a free agent, you're signalling to the other teams, universities, and esports organizations that you're ready to get picked up.  If you'd rather be more proactive, go browse the Call of Duty Clans listings and find a squad to join!
Call of Duty Clans and Organizations

Full Sail ArmadaAre You Looking for College Scholarships?
It will take a little bit of time for these to materialize, but we already know they're coming.  Our good friends at Full Sail University, for example, are doing some testing this season to consider adding a squad in the spring.  The best way to get their (and others) attention?  Join the Combine.  Show us what you got, and we'll send it to them so they can see how awesome you are!
Fall Classic Combine 2019

SxD EsportsAre You Looking to Go Pro?
Like our friends at Full Sail, we have many pro teams scouring the site for new opportunities.  Like our friends at SxD Esports.  Build out your profile to include highlight clips, answer your player interviews, and make sure your profile is complete to maximize your chance of being found.
And Did We Mention the Combine?

Come out of the gate strong with GYO and you will maximize your chance of chasing that dream of super stardom.  Questions?  Comments?  Hit up our support team anytime!

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