Update 5.21 Celestial Domination


New God Skins

Darkblade Pele

Righteous Hammer Chaac

Mystic Archer Artemis

Curious Critter Ratatoskr

Plushie Khepri

Ice Queen Aphrodite

Winter's Curse Cu Chulainn

New Adventure - Celestial Domination

Kill, Capture, Defend
Defeat the Sand Guardians to gain control of their capture points. Hold and defend the capture points against the enemy to reduce their tickets!

Embark on a Celestial Adventure
Vie for power against the backdrop of a mystical desert oasis. Battle for dominance at the foot of the time-worn edifice of a great pyramid, a monumental creation which is dwarfed only by the celestial bodies which hang over the battlefield.

Collect Mystic Jewels, Unlock Unique Items
Earn Mystic Jewels from every game of Celestial Domination that you play. Spend Mystic Jewels to roll Mystic Jewel Chests. Some chests contain unique items, exclusive to the Celestial Domination Adventure!

Mystic Archer Bundle

    [*] Mystic Archer Artemis
    [*] Mystic Archer Music Theme
    [*] Mystic Archer Ward Skin
    [*] 5 Odyssey Points
    [*] 2500 Mystic Jewels
    [*] 1 Gold Key

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