That's a Wrap! First Official Esports Combine Comes to a Close

Shawn Smith

That's a wrap!

The 2019 Spring Esports Combine is officially in the books and after 10 days, we've seen thousands of players participate across several countinents and we're thrilled to begin sifting through and analyzing all of the play data that we have received.  This is our first event, so we have plenty to learn, discover, and improve upon before we host our second Combine in June.

For those who participated, first and foremost thank you!  We hope you enjoyed playing in your local centers.  I know everyone is anxious to see results, but we do ask for your patience as it will take us a few days to properly sort and analyze everyone's data.  If you have not yet submitted your manual play data to us, you may do so here:  Manual Submission Form.

A Big Thank You to Our Sponsors

Before we get into next steps, we want to thank ggCircuit, E-Blue, and Infosys for stepping up as our first sponsors for this event.  They took a chance on supporting a brand new concept and we hope you all help us show our appreciation by taking some time to check them out!

The Next Steps and How This Works

Step 1:  Complete All Analysis
Once we have completed our analysis, you will be able to find and download your esports report on our Combine Report page.  Premium Recruitment package players will receive their customized analysis from our professional coaches and scouts with an in-depth read of your current standings and suggestions for how to improve going forward.  Free members will receive a listing of all their games played and their GYO scores.  Our goal is to have all analysis completed by Friday, March 15.  If you are a free member and wish to upgrade to receive your detailed coaching analysis, you may do so by clicking the "Combine Status" button at the top of your page.

Step 2:  Send the Scouts the Data
Once our analysis is complete, we will send our Combine Report to hundreds of colleges, universities, esports teams, and recruiters for them to analyze and dig through for potential recruitment.  You may have noticed that the reports are displaying usernames that you do not recognize, and this is intentional.  This is was we call "Anon Mode" and it allows us to showcase some of your personal demographic information to scouts without compromising your data privacy.  

Verified organizations and verified scouts do not see Anon Mode, they see your real data.  For all others, they are able to interact and express an interest in you, but you have full control over when and if you choose to expose your personal contact information to them.

Thank you to our sponsors...

ggCircuit E-Blue Gaming Infosys - Navigate Your Next


Step 3:  Scouts Interact with Players
All organizations and scouts have a GYO Player Watchlist which is their personal curated list of potential prospects.  This list contains players they select directly, as well as those we match to them via our "GYO Best Fit" algorithms.  In other words, if they're looking for a player like you, we make sure to put your profile at the top of their pile.  

If you are added to an organizations Watchlist, you will receive a notification to inform you that someone has expressed interest in your play.  This means that as you continue to play and generate more match data for GYO, this play will be sent directly to the organizations for further analysis.  They will also receive updates when you update your profile or game settings.

Some teams and/or scouts may also send you a message to ask you questions about your play.  You will be able to interact with the scout/recruiter anonymously until either party verifies their account and/or chooses to reveal their identity.  Do not share personal information via message system.  

Finally, once the scout is ready to invite the player to participate in a formal fashion, they will use the Invitation Feature to invite you to their practice squad, team, or organization.  When an invite is accepted and trust is established, all of your personal information will become visible so that you can begin engaging directly with your new coach, recruiter, team, or organization.  

Our GYO Anon System is intended to provide all parties with the ability to analyze and recruit one another while still protecting your personal data and details.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this feature, please contact us.

In the meantime, keep playing your favorite games at home and if you have linked your account to GYO, we will continue to download and analyze your play session data to further extend your gaming profile.  

See you in the next update!
Smitty (Frakkin Noob)

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