Tetris Tournament!

University Of Victoria

Do you ever find yourself yearning for simpler times, for the days when you would go online to play browser games with your friends? Then join us for some classic arcade-style 1v1 Tetris fun on Friday, May 28th at 5:00PM PDT. Apply critical thought and unparalleled tile-matching efficiency under pressure in our Thunder Closes In Tetris event, hosted on Jstris (a Tetris site) and supported by the UVic Bookstore. This free-to-play browser game features not only the authentic Tetris gameplay we all know and love, but also the ability to punish opponents by giving them lines to deal with The top three players will win $50, $30, and $20 in UVic Bookstore gift cards!

Maybe you've been playing Tetris for as long as you can remember, or maybe you're a newcomer to this vintage title - either way, make sure to join us for a fun and casual night of tile-matching. This event will be free entry, open to anyone, and will feature a 1v1 single-elimination format.

Games will be standard mode with classic settings: memoryless randomizer, 1 preview, no Hold, T-Spins + Combos + PCs not rewarded, back-to-back enabled, garbage canceling but no blocking, 70% garbage messiness. Primary means of attack should be Tetrises (well on the wall) and downstack Doubles

To register: Go to the GYO page at and click on "Join Event". Please ensure you include your Discord ID during registration If you aren't yet a member of the Vikes Esports Association on GYO Canada, go to and click "Join Group" in the upper right hand corner.

Brackets will be generated and posted after registration closes, and instructions for joining your scheduled games posted subsequently. Best of luck to all entrants! Registration will close at noon (PDT) on the day of the event (May 28th).


Good Luck! 

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