Splitgate: Arena Warfare - Season 2 Launch


Welcome to Splitgate Season 2

We are excited to announce the launch of Season 2 of Splitgate! We have been working hard to give our community more ways to FRAG, and we are excited to show you all what we have been working on. Hope you get a chance to check it out. See you in the Arena!

New Map - Oasis

Once a luxury beach resort, Oasis is now a beachside battlefield open to all combatants. This sunny and sandy arena features long lines of sight and tall portal walls, so make sure you locate a long-range weapon! Note: Rest and relaxation are not included while fighting on Oasis.

New Weapon - Carbine

The Carbine is a medium to long-ranged, semi-automatic rifle suitable for all types of encounters. The Carbine replaced the Assault Rifle in both Social and Ranked matches as the primary starting weapon.

Season 2 Arena Pass

Progress through 100 levels of the Season 2 Arena Pass to earn awesome cosmetics, including multiple new EXCLUSIVE weapon and armor sets, sprays, emotes, portal guns, jetpacks and more! Everyone can participate; however, players who purchase the Premium Arena Pass unlock more exclusive content. If you make it to level 100 of the Premium Arena Pass, you unlock the KINGDOM Battle Rifle. Good luck!

Additional Updates

Additional updates included in Splitgateā€™s Season 2 release are: performance optimizations, skin improvements, UI improvements and overhauls, updated Locker layout, map improvements, replaced emblems with sprays, and removed the Arena Alloy and SAW Packs.

Full Patch Notes

Read the full Season 2 Patch Notes Here.

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