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The Competition Heats Up

You can play live with our GG's and light up the Twitch screen!

Have you ever watched Twitch videos and thought, "I could do better than that." Now is your chance to prove it! For special events, our Gamer Guides (GGs) will now be going live on Twitch to show off their own gameplay, challenge our players, or stream the matches of our competitors!

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Rocket League Friendlies

Tonight's Event: GG Smitty's Redemption

In tonight's event, GG Smitty seeks redemption after his poor performance last week.

In last week's fun, GG Smitty got pulled into the fray and the results were.... not pretty. GG Smitty was a bit rusty and the players scored on him left, right, and center (looking at you, Prince....). This week, he has his pro controller back and he's ready to rumble.

Players will form up in squads of 3s tonight, and we'll try to balance each team so they are all competitive. Then - it's Game On as we complete a series of matches and maybe even a fun micro-tournament.

If you're an opponent of GG Smitty, watch out! He's planning on handing out L's like candy. (.....maybe)

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Here Be Dragons

Minecraft Build Challenge - Tour and Destroy Event!

Two weeks ago, our Minecrafters set out to become the first Golden Dragons of the season with a special build challenge. In that challenge, we asked them to build a Dragon's Lair to tame their dragon!

On Saturday at 12pm EST, GG MagickPanda will be touring everyone's builds live on screen and showcasing everyone's hard work. After the tours, he will reveal the Final Judges Scores and declare our winners of the first Golden Dragons Build Challenge!

And after? Well, we saved a backup of everyone's work, so we're going to turn on the destruction permissions and see what happens when the dragons decide to escape their new homes and rain down destruction! It will be a blast. Literally!

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