PUBG's next patch adds a new machine gun and a decoy grenade


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a game about information - knowing where potential threats and targets are is key to the path to delicious chicken dinners. That's what makes the decoy grenade that's coming in the next big patch so powerful: it actively messes with that information. The decoy grenade is just one added feature on the way in Update 8.2, which arrives on PC August 19.
The decoy grenade is a new throwable item that you'll be able to pick up on Sanhok once Update 8.2 arrives. When thrown, the grenade emits weapon sounds, giving the indication of a firefight underway. As seasoned veterans of battle royale games know, this is a powerful trick: the sound of gunfire is probably the most important piece of information to consider when planning your next move in PUBG, and the mere existence of the decoy grenade throws all of that into question - at least while you're playing on Sanhok.
Update 8.2 also introduces the MG2 light machine gun, which you'll be able to pick up in Battlegrounds Care Packages. This LMG sports two rates of fire, a bipod for enhanced stability, tracer rounds, and increased damage versus vehicles. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: "Find the Sanhok Four": PUBG Season 8 is about tracking down rogue contestants PUBG has now sold over 70 million copies in three years PUBG Season 8 "remasters" Sanhok and adds a truck full of loot

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