Pre-Season Updates

Charity Philips

Good Afternoon my MEAC Family!

Just wanted to send out an official email about Pre-Season changes and reminders. So let's hop into it!

  • Pre-Season will start Friday this week and go to Sunday. The weekend schedule will be posted tomorrow. I highly suggest completing them if you can so that you all can be ready for next week especially if you are new to the process.

  • The official season starts next Tuesday. The schedule will be posted on Monday at the latest! Please make sure that you are ready to play from 7pm-9pm. Remember that Step-In Awards will be active starting next week and that these matches will count towards your stats and getting that Step-In Award and the $50 prize that comes with it!

  • I have made a #resources channel in the MEAC server. This is so that everyone has access to what they need to be successful in the league. If you have any questions please stop there before making a support ticket.

  • I have also figured out why people are getting kicked out of the server when joining. You have to do 2 things to stay in the server. You must agree to the terms of the rules which should pop up when you join. You also need to verify your email. If you do not do that in 5 mins, it will kick you out of the server and you will have to start the process over. Click the link here to see the video!


Again as always, please reach out to our techs in #support-ticket if you have concerns or you can find me as well. I'm always online and here to help as best as I can.

Keep being awesome!

Yours truly,



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