Patch Notes 2.2.0


- Silo Revamp - Silo has gotten a graphics boost and is ready for battle
- Stadium Gameplay Changes - BR KOTH hills moved to AR, Sniper moved to Rail spawn, Shotgun moved to Sniper spawn, Railgun moved to Shotgun spawn

- Damage Numbers - Damage number indicators have been added to HUD (toggleable in settings)
- HUD Refresh
- Improving Style and Visibility of all HUD elements
- HUD elements are anchored to center of the screen for Ultrawide monitors
- Redesigned Scoreboard
- In-game scoreboard has been redesigned to show more in-depth stats for yourself as well as medals for your position in game
- Player cards now show Armor Customization as well as equipped inventory (team only)
- Text Chat now shows above Victory screen when game is over
- Ranks are now only shown in post game

- Assists now count as kills for your in-game stats
- Fixing exploit that allows players to skip equip animation
- Fixing inconsistent starting spawn points on various maps

- Railgun battery usage: 20% → 25% (now holds 4 shots)

- EQU8 Anti-Cheat - We have switched Anti-Cheat providers and are now using EQU8
- Resolving issues where anti-cheat wouldn’t run when you clicked “Send and Restart” in crash screen

Game Modes
- Zombie VIP - Radar Enabled + Shotgun for VIP
- Rocket DOM - Jetpack Enabled with weaker boost

- Fixing portal color and indicator issues when switching POVs
- Fixing issue where projectiles weren’t spawning for POV player
- Disabling replay/killcam settings in-game to fix infinite black screen when toggling these settings

- Upgraded Unreal Engine to the latest version which includes performance and stability improvements
- NOTE: This update is a relatively large update due to the upgraded version
- Other Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements

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