NEW SMITE Publisher's Weekend Bundle!


We’re celebrating SMITE’s new Arena with a FREE Publisher's Weekend Bundle! This bundle is filled with Gods and skins, along with voice packs for each God in the bundle! The Gods included in this bundle are:

    [*] Pele
    [*] Anubis
    [*] Nu Wa
    [*] Khepri
    [*] Odin
    [*] Cu Chulainn
    [*] Medusa

We’ve also put together the following skins to help you dominate the Battleground in style:

    [*] Righteous Hammer Thor
    [*] Imperator Khepri
    [*] Typhoon Kukulkan
    [*] Battle Maiden Bellona
    [*] Hound of Ulster Cu Chulainn
    [*] Amethyst Nu Wa
    [*] Raven's Throne Odin
    [*] Worldweaver Neith

All of the items in this bundle are available for a limited time. All you need to do is log in to unlock this bundle for free, so make sure you don’t miss out.

See you on the Battleground

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