New in SMITE - God of the Moon Update


New Japanese Assassin - Tsukuyomi, God of the Moon

Passive - Shingetsu & Mangetsu

Tsukuyomi wields Shingetsu in his left hand and Mangetsu in his right hand. When these weapons damage an enemy they become empowered. Empowered Shingetsu gains a 50% cleave and restores mana. Empowered Mangetsu deals bonus damage and restores health.

Dark Moon Shuriken

Tsukuyomi calls upon Shingetsu, summoning forth a Dark Moon Shuriken. The Shuriken damages enemies and stops on gods, sticking into them. If Tsukuyomi gets close to the god he retrieves the Shuriken and reduces its cooldown. After casting this ability Shingetsu's next Basic Attack becomes ranged. This attack steals Movement Speed from the enemy hit.


Shingetsu and Mangetsu form themselves into a Kusarigama. Tsukuyomi swings the weapon to his left and right, damaging and disarming enemies hit. He then swings the weapon forward with more force stunning enemies hit. While channeling Tsukuyomi gains 33% Movement Speed and is immune to Knockback effects.

Silver Moon Caltrops

Tsukuyomi holds Mangetsu aloft as it erupts into starlight, sending stars falling to the ground. As they land they become Caltrops, damaging enemies in the area and slowing them for 2.5s. Enemies who move inside this Caltrop field take damage and are slowed again. After casting this ability Mangetsu's next Basic Attack becomes ranged. This attack deals bonus True Damage.

Piercing Moonlight

Tsukuyomi channels the power of the Full Moon, gaining Crowd Control immunity and 50% Damage Reduction. He fires forward 4 powerful piercing beams of moonlight. Enemies hit, take damage and become marked. Each beam can hit up to 3 enemy gods. After firing all beams Tsukuyomi charges forward at light speed, dashing through all enemies in the order they were hit, dealing heavy damage. Tsukuyomi will end his dashing at the final enemy hit.

Lunar Eclipse Tsukuyomi

Ascended Tsukuyomi - Season Pass 2020 Recolor

Tsukuyomi Mastery Skin

New God Skins

Labyrinth Keeper Heimdallr

Wildstyle Pele

Angelic Archon Yemoja

Cool Cat Anhur

Rav3n The Morrigan

There are also a ton of Balance changes in this Update including buffs for Awilix, Cabrakan, and Chaac! Enter the Battleground and see everything new in SMITE!

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