New in SMITE - Darkness Falls Update


New Assault Map

Ragnarok has come and gone, transforming Asgard in the process. The Assault map has entirely new art set and some mechanical changes as well. The main goal for the Assault gameplay changes is to encourage more fighting. Some new areas and objectives have been added to the map to prevent stalemates and ensure the battle keeps raging.

Match Lobby

    [*] Decreased Cost to Reroll your god from 50 gems to 25 gems
    [*] Decreased Cost to Reroll your god from 250 favor to 125 favor

Titans & Phoenixes

    [*] Updated to the Season 5 Conquest models


    [*] Updated assault towers with new artwork
    [*] Decreased Physical power by 15


    [*] Updated Order minions to the Season 5 Conquest models
    [*] Updated Chaos minions to the Season 5 Conquest models
    [*] Increased Health and Protections to match Conquest Minion stats

Vital Orbs

    [*] Added a new type of objective around the Assault Map called “Vital Orbs”
    [*] The map will start with two of these that spawn in the center of the map, and a new one will spawn in the corner of the map after each Tower destroyed
    [*] Players only need to walk into these to collect them
    [*] Orbs Respawn 60s after being collected
    [*] Vital Orbs provide:

      [*] 15% Increased movement speed for the player who picked up the Orb for 10s.
      [*] 15% instant Health and Mana heal for the player and allies within 60 units.
      [*] A 1% Health and Mana regeneration per second aura for 10s around the player. This affects all allies within 60 units.

New God Skins

Terror of the Deep Scylla

Beast Within Cu Chulainn

Heretic Cernunnos

Spectral Blade Pele

The Crusher Cabrakan - Mixer Store

Depths of Atlantis Nox - Available April 5

Snuggly Artemis - Available April 9

Valkyrie's Rage Thanatos - Available April 9

Click HERE to read the full patch notes for the Darkness Falls Update!

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