MEAC Schedule Posted - Last Chance to Sign Up, Play, and Win Cash!

michael reese

Wake Up, It's Game Time

This weekend we have everyone scheduled for a weekend pre-season practice match, then real games start next week. Please check the schedules to make sure your team is listed, and you're on it! If not, contact [GYO] Shawn#4906 or TiSh?aqua#8619 immediately on Discord so we can get you fixed up!

COD - Cold WarRocket LeagueSmashHalo: Infinite

If the time of a match doesn't work for your squad, use the Reschedule function to propose new times. Subs are allowed, so long as they are members of your school and signed up on GYO!

Play Games - Win Cash

We have academic awards for the league this year, which means you could win $250+ for each of our game titles. And just for showing up each week, one Step-In award winner will score $50. Not bad for a night gaming.

This is your LAST CHANCE to sign up!

We are seeking several players to fill out rosters for every school, so if you have not signed up yet - here's your shot. Fill in this simple form and we'll reach out to you and get you on a squad. Each school can submit MULTIPLE rosters, so even if you know others already have a squad, there can be room for you, too.

Free Agent Form
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