League of Legends skips patch 10.17 as Riot takes "a week off", but there are a few changes


August 18, 2020 Riot's posted a handful of balance change notes for patch 10.17.
Riot recently took a week off. That means a number of updates for the studio's big games are going to shift around as the developers take some R&R time, including League of Legends. Basically, League of Legends patch 10.17 is getting skipped over (almost) entirely, so we'll be moving pretty much straight from LoL patch 10.16 to LoL patch 10.18, with just a relatively small number of balance changes in between - and these are detailed further down this story. Riot's calling the patch that will replace the 10.17 update 10.16b, indicating that it's not as substantial as a typical update. It will contain only balance changes, and will skip the PBE entirely. The PBE, then, will swap straight over to 10.18, and that update will remain on the test server for an extra week. After 10.18, the schedule should return to normal.
Other Riot games will also be affected by the week off. Valorant, for example, will have its August 18 patch delayed a couple of days, until August 20, as the devs explain on Reddit. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: League of Legends patch 10.18 notes - 10.17 tweaks, Psyops and Hextech skins New League of Legends Champion gaming chairs include Akali, Ahri, Yasuo, KDA styles Cheap LoL skins (and Champions)! Here are this week's sweet deals

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