Introducing the AYCE Weekly FIFA Series Starting Tonight!

Wyoming Soccer Association

Good Morning, 

I'm happy to announce that we have launched the AYCE Weekly FIFA Series! This initial kick-off series combines 8 youth soccer state association's FIFA players competing for the spotlight. 

Preseason starts TODAY (August 5th) at 7:30pm EST. The matches tonight are meant for introduction, practice, and for us to test the league operations. They will not count towards a players overall record. Schedule's will be generated tonight at 4:00pm EST and an email will be sent out to all players that register informing them that the schedules are live. 

You can sign up for the league here:

Matches will take place each WEDNESDAY at 7:30pm EST and the league will run August 5th - September 2nd. Playoffs will take place on September 9th. Players will play 2 matches per week. 

How to Play Matches and Report Scores

Once you're completed with your match, you'll need to report your scores via your match lobby. Unsure how to report your scores?  Here is a brief tutorial that shows you how to find your Matches and Report Your Scores:  Find Matches and Report Scores


How to Reschedule Your Matches

If you cannot make the scheduled time to compete, we have the reschedule tool available for you to use! Remember, you have an entire week to complete your matches if you can't make the default match time each week on Wednesday. Here is a walkthrough of how to use the tool if you have issues: How to Reschedule

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I have various forms of contact info below. 


Noah Hankinson

Xbox: noahhanki22

PS4: noah_hanki22

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