Harena Data introduces Safe Play, a protected mobile platform for kids to game

Wahid Lodin

Harena Data introduces Safe Play, a protected mobile platform for kids to game

A COPPA-compliant, Safe Harbor-certified platform for esports and video gaming


Franklin, IN - May 4, 2021 - Harena Data, the world's largest esports community aggregator, has today unveiled Safe Play, a new mobile offering that offers a safe, secure environment for children to play video games. Harena's proprietary platform is the world's first COPPA-compliant, Safe Harbor-certified mobile channel aimed at protecting kids online when playing video games competitively or casually.


Safe Play allows younger users to explore and participate in video game events and tournaments, livestream exciting events among peers, chat with diverse participants across the world, organize engaging conferences, and set up robust matches with one another. This is all done while doing the most to ensure the players safety.


Through Safe Play, all players are age-verified and background checked to ensure their identities. Safe Play makes sure the platform only contains age-appropriate players. Parents also have the ability to monitor their children's accounts or manage everything on the platform through their unique verified login.


"It's incredibly important that we protect our children in today's digital environment where we can never be too safe," said Derek Pew, CEO at Harena Data. "Millions of kids play video games online every day and we want to ensure they are engaging with other age-verified kids in a sound, safe, and controlled environment."


"Our technology is advancing and further strengthening the safety of our children online," said Duane Musser, Chief Technology Officer at Harena Data. "SafePlay will have the incredible age verification tools to make sure it's only for kids, fraud detection algorithms to catch any potential threats, and safety overview functions for parents to check in and see what they're kids are up to."


Safe Play is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store. Media interviews are available upon request.


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