GYO is Ready to Roar in 2020

Shawn Smith

Nearly two years ago, the initial GYO founding team sat around a table and discussed a simple concept: esports needs more support for the dreamers of esports. The pros have plenty of support, but what about the players who dream of one day following those footsteps? For those players, there were not many resources.

Flash forward and after a year and a half of development, GYO officially emerged out of Beta and has since been on a tear – adding nearly 600 new player accounts per day. Our messaging is simple: if you have a dream to pursue a path to the pros and/or esports scholarships, and we’re here to serve you.

Through our past 4 Esports Combines, we’ve successfully helped over 200 players receive college scholarship offers worth over a $250,000.  We’ve signed up nearly two dozen colleges to help them better their esports program and gain access to tools to better track their gameplay and their schedules.  We’ve done statistical analysis on over 2 million individual matches.  And we’ve done all of this without making much noise, as we’ve spent very little on marketing and promotion while we worked on testing and fine tuning our platform.

In 2020, that all changes.  This is the year the GYO dragons begin to roar and we sing our story from the mountain tops.  But that story truly will not be our story, it will be the story of the players we help.  We’ll tell the story of the Rocket League player who is now playing on a dedicated esports organization.  We’ll tell the story of the young girl discovered in Ohio who is now playing under an Overwatch esports scholarship.  We’ll tell the story of the university in Florida now supporting their roster of nearly 80 varsity players across the various esports titles.

For those of you who have been watching and following us since 2019, we thank you sincerely for your support.  For those of you who are new to GYO in 2020, stay tuned.  We’re going to start making a lot of noise!

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