Global Digital Sports forms the American Youth Soccer Cooperative for Esports

Shawn Smith

FRANKLIN, IN – July 8,  2020 – Esports and gaming organization Global Digital Sports, LLC., in partnership with esports analytics company Harena Data, Inc., has today announced the formation of the American Youth Soccer Cooperative for Esports (AYCE), an organization aimed at bringing collective esports leaders together to improve the industry as a whole. As a cooperative, state associations can coalesce and scale the force of their esports programs and tap into national sponsorship more effectively.

With its current business models, state associations acted independently at generating revenue. With AYCE, state associations can partner together and improve their abilities to create new branding, marketing, licensing and media. All members of the cooperative will receive the following benefits:

  • National sponsorship opportunities

  • Revenue streams from a master marketing and licensing agreement

  • Group negotiated discounts with vendors

  • Centralized program support and management

  • Collective resource sharing

  • Faster time to market

  • Best practices development

In its first major acquisition, AYCE will be acquiring the marketing rights for Rezzil, a leader in soccer virtual reality training and cognitive development.

“By pooling the nation’s youth sports organizations together, we are building towards an assured market and scalable revenue streams for participant organizations that would not otherwise be available to them individually,” said Derek Pew, CEO of Harena Data.

In its first step, the AYCE is tackling soccer - the most popular sport in the world. The cooperative is working with various regional, state, and local soccer programs for esports initiatives involving FIFA tournaments among youth. Among its early members, Indiana Soccer Association, Missouri Youth Soccer Association, and Arkansas State Soccer Association are three bodies joining AYCE at launch.

“There’s no better winning formula than soccer and esports, both extremely competitive and popular activities,” said Dave Guthrie, Executive Director of Indiana Soccer Association “For soccer in North America, esports increases membership and engagement from new audiences, and our youth can benefit from the collaborative and developmental skills that esports teaches.”

About AYCE
AYCE is a cooperative of members dedicated to expanding the opportunities for esports for youth. From working together as a de facto buying group, placing advertising and sponsorship, or facilitating tournament and league play, AYCE's sole focus at all times is the benefit of its members.

About GYO
GYO Score is an esports and gaming data analytics platform that seeks to support gamers and esports at all levels. With its game data analytics tools, team management, player profile, and league tool systems, GYO supports gamers and esports-enthusiasts of all competition levels to pursue their dream of esports stardom and community building. To date, GYO Score has helped facilitate over 200 esports scholarship offers and boasts more than 25,000 players on its platform since it launched in September 2019. To learn more about GYO, please visit

About Harena Data, Inc
Founded in 2017, Harena Data has developed GYO Score to be a data analytics, league development, and player management tool for the esports industry. The principles of Harena Data have a strong background in esports, event management, motion picture production, and telecommunications. In addition to GYO Score, Harena Data specializes in esports consultation regarding the development and deployment of esports venues, scholastic esports programs, and esports league concepts.

AYCE contact:

Gaby Alegria

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GYO Score

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