Gamer Club Weekly Newsletter - Ladders are Here

New Jersey Youth Soccer

A quick highlight reel from the pre-season week action!

The Competition Picks Up

Thank you to all our players who joined us in our pre-season testing week for Minecraft and Rocket League. It was fun getting to know everyone and we know a couple of formidable Rocket League squads are forming, so watch out everyone else! This week, the competition heats up as we open our Ladder competition.

Going forward, each Monday we will give you highlights from the past week and things to look forward to, so let's jump right in!

Who will climb to the top?

Competitive Ladders

These matches count! When you join a Ladder, you are saying "You Mean Business" and you're ready to compete for fame, glory, and of course prizes. Ladders are very simple - each game you play helps you climb up or down the ladder. At the end of the season, the top competitors will receive prizes and earn points towards the Golden Dragon program!

How Do Ladders Work?

Upcoming Events

Academic Report
Sports Night

Sports games for all! Ready to play FIFA, Madden, or NBA2k? Come meet other sports fans!

FIFA Friendlies

Madden Friendlies

NBA2k Friendlies

Academic Report
Community Grab Bag

Play new games, play old games, play your favorite games or play fresh discoveries. Anything goes in Community Game Night!

Community Night

Build Challenge
Minecraft Build Challenge

Time to turn on your creative mode and crack your knuckles for a Build Challenge! All players will receive the theme and the Realm skin pack will be revealed when they arrive. What will you build?

Manage Games

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