Announcing the 2021 Armada Summer Series

Full Sail Armada - Community

Armada Community, we are proud to present the 2021 Summer Series!

Starting in June, we will feature Community Ladders that players will be able to jump into at their own leisure. If you're looking for a new challenge, some practice for upcoming tournaments or you just want to have a good time, the Summer Series is here to fulfill your gaming needs with friends and peers alike.

Featured June Community Ladders:
Ladder A - Magic: The Gathering Arena (Constructed, 1v1)

Ladder B - Apex Legends (Arenas, 3v3)


Wait, wait, wait, what the heck is a Ladder?
Excellent question! A Ladder is a competitive format that allows players to challenge one another in matches that help them progress up and down the rankings based on their wins and losses. There is no set schedule for when you play. By joining a Ladder, your fate is in your own hands.

There's no set schedule?
It is up to you to determine when you want to play against an opponent. As your position on the Ladder increases, you'll be matched against other players of similar skill, and both players will need to agree on a date that (should a reschedule need to happen) can be adjusted if needed.

So how is a winner determined?
Each Community Ladder will feature seasons with set durations. As players win matches in their respective Ladders, they'll move higher up in ranking and become eligible to win prizes based upon how well they did during the season.

Absolutely! Prize support will vary from Ladder to Ladder, with additional rules being outlined in each specific Ladder's description.

Who can play?
Current Full Sail students, alumni, and staff are invited to participate in the Summer Series. You must register with your active Full Sail University email address.

How many Community Ladders can I enter?
All of them.

If I have more questions, who should I reach out to?
Contact Jameson Durall or Kyle Roach if you have any questions about the Summer Series, GYO, or Armada. Additional updates will be posted in the Announcements channel of our Discord server. If you haven't joined yet, what are you waiting for? Join here.

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