Changelog 6/24/19

Shawn Smith


New Interview system has a set of quizzes and interviews with questions that scouts, recruiters, and coaches want answers to.  If you’re serious about joining a team, we recommend you fill them out!

Find them in your Profile page under the “Nature” tab

NACE Summer Camp & Combine

Register now at:

Twitch Registration is recommended for this event


New weapons and maps sections allow you to see the average performance of players across the world with various guns and on certain maps

Live data is now flowing.  We will be catching up our old data with one large update, and from June 12 forward, all stats should update within 24 hours of completion of the match


Team invitations work much better than before (aka they actually work), although we may improve the UI and interactivity

Teams & Clans

Post blogs to your page, and send them as emails to all of your followers and players


Fixed the pages related to when you don’t have a game selected in order to make it clearer you need to select a game


Improved registration UI

Added Promo code capabilities

Added parental registration to allow for parents to sign up their kids

Better venue support

Free Agents Listing

Fixed Invite link so you can now invite them to your group

Miscellaneous Bugs and UI Improvements

It’s a lot.  Seriously. :)

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