Changelog 2/3/19

Shawn Smith

Changelog for 2/3/2019

We've been overwhelmed by the support and response to our Scouting Combine!  With that in mind, we put a lot of effort into improving the experience of both players and the venues in advance of the event.

  • For Players
    • The Combine registration process has been improved to make it more obvious that you have completed registration, and what to do next
    • Player profiles improved to properly display info related to the player
    • Overhauled the player editing process to remove the confusing field management.  New Admin tab allows players to alter their content
    • Added an Accomplishments tab which allows players to historically record accomplishments and successes that they want to showcase.
    • Added an Event tab that will eventually highlight all events the player participates in, including leagues and tournaments.  For now, hosts the listing for the Combine
    • Gaming Groups is now fixed so you can keep track of groups you join (and btw, you can join Groups now.  See Venue/Org update)
    • Games management is now improved so it's easier to track and follow games, and easier to know when you've properly linked your Gametag to the game
  • Venues and Organizations Updates
    • Players can now Follow and/or Join organizations, venues, clans, and more. 
    • Once joined, Players show up in the list of the organizational page.  Additional features and interactions with this list will come soon.
    • Cleaned up some editing/profile bugs for venues.
  • Data Updates
    • RIOT has officially approved our application, clearing the final hurdle for data publishing.  BETA blocks on data access to be removed soon.
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