Changelog 10/8/19

Shawn Smith

We've been working very hard on GYO Dashboard and creating tools that help you manage your clans, organizations, and teams.  Now that we've emerged from BETA and have organizations using the platform, we'll be tweaking and improving performance across the board.


  • Improved load times for data sources across the site
  • Prepared for Overwolf integration and DOTA2 support (coming soon!)
  • Improved overall user experience with better mobile navigation, bug fixes, player profile improvements, and a ton of other minor tweaks and adjustments
  • Added a new "Invitations" indicator to let you know when you have invitations you have not responded to

Organizational Profile

  • Improved Admin panel layout
  • Improved player invite system so it now detects existing players and invites rather than throwing error
  • Added document management features
  • Added Discord support - link your Discord to your page!
  • Many calendar and event improvements

Teams Management

  • Fixed some team invitation bugs and improved the player invitation process
  • Coaching tools now available.  Set goals for your players, track their progress, and add notes to each player profile.

Watchlist Management

  • Paid organizations now have access to the Watchlist, which allows them to set their preferences and see new players added to their queue.  They can then contact these users, track them long term, or remove them from the queue if they are not a fit for the program.  Please visit Watchlist Preferences to configure your settings.  Your first batch of Watchlist players will return within 24 hours and will update daily

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