April Update

West Virginia Soccer Association

Good afternoon! 

Below is a brief look at the following dates, times, and events for April 12th - 18th 2021:

Each event will last 120 minutes. 

4/14 | Start Time: 5pm EST, 4pm CST, 3pm MST, 2pm PST

Fall Guys Friendlies

Come check out the new season and squad up with fellow players on GYO and make a run for the crown. We'll be playing the Main Show on the battle royale party game, Fall Guys:Ultimate Knockout (PS4). Play with the GG, live on Twitch. Send screenshots of your Fall Guy in the chat lobby once you join, and get featured in our Weekly Newsletter!

4/15 | Start Time: 3:30pm EST, 2:30pm CST, 1:30pm MST, 12:30pm PST

FIFA Fun Night

Welcome to FIFA Fun Night! Tonight, we're playing "the beautiful game" with a few twists. Players can play against each other in custom game modes, where settings are changed to prioritize fun over competition or in single player challenges for bragging rights.  Play your way!

Random Rumble: Close your eyes, scroll, see what FIFA gives you. GLHF (Good luck, have fun)

Position Mix-Up: Pick any team you would like and flip it upside down! Switch GK's with Strikers, Defenders with Midfielders.

One Star Teams: Find the best of the not-so-great. Win without someone blaming your Ronaldo. Find some hidden gems for your Ultimate Team.

Top Bin Challenge: Play as Premier League teams. First to score from outside of the box wins.

Remember: Tonight isn't about being the best FIFA player, it's about having fun and getting better as you do! Stay tuned for more modes and challenges in future FIFA Fun Night

4/16 | Start Time: 5pm EST, 4pm CST, 3pm MST, 2pm PST

Minecraft Sculpture Contest

Players will have 1.5 hours to build the most impressive sculpture possible! Players are encouraged to work together if they'd like to! All participants will join our private realms server at the start of the event! 

4/18 | Start Time: 1pm EST, 12pm CST, 11am MST, 10am PST

Jackbox Social 

Come join the fun and play some amazing JackBox mini-games together! You only need your phone or tablet to play and it's completely free! If you've never played any jackbox games before, then you don't want to miss out! 

If you have any questions please contact me via my email, which is located below! 


Have a great week,

Noah Hankinson

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