Academic Awards Coming to MEAC Esports!

Charity Philips

Good Afternoon everyone!

I hope that you all have enjoyed Christmas and New Year and that all is well with you! We are ready to start the new MEAC Esports Season 2 for Spring 2022. I do come to give some great news and updates on some changes for this season.

  • We have listened and heard about the need to have prizes and awards from last season so I am proud to announce that this season we have Academic Awards. There are different ones and ways for you to win them so let's get into the deets.

  • Players on Championship Rosters receive a $350 Academic Award. Here is the breakdown:

    • Smash Bros (1v1) $350

    • Rocket League (3v3) $1,050

    • Halo (4v4) $1,400

    • Splitgate (4v4) $1,400

  • Something to keep in mind: Only the players who complete the official finals matches are eligible for the scholarship awards. The players eligible to play in the finals must be the players who have logged the most official match hours in MEAC play. 1 sub per team may be allowed with approval from MEAC league operators.

  • Step In Academic Awards will be given weekly! Each student who participates in their match each week will be eligible to receive a $50 Academic Award

    • Be a student in the MEAC Esports (that's easy right!)

    • Be on a team for any game

    • You must play in all your matches for the week. Reschedules count if the match is played within the week.

  • Once you have met these requirements, your name will be put in a drawing that will be done on stream and the winner will be posted in Discord.

Now that we got that out of the way, here are the dates for this season:

Tryouts: January 31-11

Students can come into sign up for GYO and get your teams set up for play. I will stream of course so that if you have questions or want to hang out you can. Those dates will be announced in our Discord.

Pre Season: February 14

Here are the dates and times for each game. It is the same as last season but here they are again so you can mark your calendars.

Tuesdays Smash Bros, Rocket League 7 pm -9 pm

Thursdays Halo, Splitgate 7 pm-9 pm

Again as always, please reach out to our techs in #support-ticket if you have concerns or you can find me as well. I'm always online and here to help as best as I can.

Keep being awesome!

Yours truly,



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