A New Start for Heroes of the Storm Players

michael reese

Like many of you out there, our team was shocked and saddened by the news from Blizzard that they were cancelling the Heroes of the Storm Pro League. As one of the titles we saw to be the most supportive of collegiate play, we were excited to add HOTS to our platform following our launch. And now, like many others, we've had to adjust our plans and Heroes of the Storm is in limbo.

While we will be okay, we have several friends, colleagues, and professional organizations who we are not as sure about. This is a big blow, and it came at one of the most shocking times possible, with little warning. It is for them and for other Heroes of the Storm professional players that we extend our deepest sympathies. For them, we want to help.

Our platform has been built from the ground up with the idea of supporting many games and titles, rather than focusing on just one. For players of all games and genres, we want to analyze their statistics and - most importantly - provide those statistics and analysis directly to collegiate recruiters, pro team scouts, and league organizers. In other words, we are like a professional player farm system for the esports ecosystem at large.

Our principles have always been rooted in the idea that if a professional player isn't able to crack the pro scene of a given title, they should consider pivoting to another title. Our system helps with this process because we identify key skill metrics that translate from one title to another title. That allows us to help support that player with the transition. For example, if you are a strong support role in one title, we direct you to the character or role with the most similar attributes in another, then help you understand the differences in the meta.

We knew in time we would be able to test this theory by working with professional players, but never did we envision an event such as this occurring so fast. For those affected, they can't afford to wait, they need to start pivoting now. And that's why we would now like to offer our GYO Premium player placement services and analytics program for free for any and all professional Heroes of the Storm players displaced by this week's announcement.

With our service, we will gather a large, centralized database of displaced Heroes of the Storm players and we will help them begin to transition to new esports titles. At launch, these will include PUBG and League of Legends, but DOTA2, Arena of Valor, and Smite support are on target for release in 2019. We will extend efforts to prioritize those and other MOBAs. HOTS players will be able to pick up new titles and have their performances analyzed and scrutinized for future consideration, and when scouts like what they see, they have the ability to contact these players directly.

"We would like to offer our GYO Premium player placement services and analytics program free for any and all professional and collegiate HOTS players..."

It is deeply regretful that we do not have more titles completed and available for our HOTS players. However, I don't think that should prevent us from doing something to help. So if you're a Heroes of the Storm player and you've been displaced and are seeking answers for what can come next, then please fill out this special HOTS Alpha registration form and when we launch on January 1, you will be given our highest level of service and support to help you get discovered again in your new venture.

This is a new climb for you to conquer, but don't give up. You climbed the ladder once before... you can do it again.

Shawn Smith (@FrakkinNoob)
CEO of Harena Data

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