Players Compete on Official Teams with Coaches - Just Like Traditional Sports Teams!


Some kids will never step onto a sports field and experience the joys and lessons of traditional sports. With the College Prep Conference, we give them that experience so they can know the comraderie of an organized sports team.


Every player receives a custom jersey so they feel the pride of being part of a team. Above is an example design from one of our colleges!

Using Esports to Develop Young Players

We Teach the Values and Lessons of Traditional Sport Through Video Gaming

If you're here, your child plays video games, and you may not know how to feel about that. Even before gaming, some children just didn't find appeal in traditional sports. And in today's digital age, more and more players are drawn to digital sport than traditional.

Our goal is not to encourage more video game playing. Instead, we look to provide coaching and resources to create a structure around your child's gaming where they, too, can benefit from learning the values and lessons found in traditional sports. Teamwork, communication, reaction speed, dealing with high pressure.... the lessons that help make young children into great adults. That's what we're about here at AYCE.

How We Are Unique

  • Coaches are hand selected from collegiate programs around the U.S., giving your child direct exposure to collegiate opportunities in esport
  • Physical fitness is still important. Our coaches will require players stretch, stand, and perform basic exercises as part of their training
  • Player age verification and certification process powered by trusted state sporting organizations
  • Parental involvement and engagement
  • Players aged 13-17 welcome to participate. Competitions for players as young as 7 coming soon!
  • COPPA Compliance for youth player registration and child information privacy
    Child Privacy Policies

Our Kids Learn

  • Sportsmanship
    Winning and Losing with Grace
  • Competitive Spirit
    Never quit, even when you're down
  • Responsibility
    Time Management and Communication
  • Grace
    Reject Toxicity. Embrace Friend and Foe Alike.

For many young gamers, their gaming isn't just a hobby, it's a passion. Good news: that passion can translate into scholarships in college, careers, and healthy and productive adults. If you want to help add structure and discipline and see your child's eyes light up in the heat of competition, join the College Prep Conference!



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What You Get

  • 2 Practices and Two Matches Per Week
    (1 hour per day, three days)
  • Direct coaching from Esports Players from nearby Colleges (remote, conducted on Zoom with teammates)
  • 2 Weeks of Preseason + 9 Weeks of Regular Season Play
  • Premium Custom Jersey ($70 MSRP)


$150 for Winter Season
50% Off Early Bird Special. Ends 12/5